December 3, 2023

Contractor Selection / Oversight

  • You hire a “good contracto!”…you never knowingly hire a bad contractor.  Do you know how and where the contractor [expand title='”cut corners”‘ rel=”corners” trigclass=”drill”] Cut Corners – Here are some live examples of what I’ve seen competitors of some of my contractors do to cut corners to increase profit margins and reduce the quality of the roof for their clients:
    • Get paid to re-flash skylights with new flashing kits only to just use step flashing along the two sloped sides of the skylight.
    • Get paid for Ice & Water to be applied on the eave 24” past the inside wall (typically 6’) to eliminate the possibility to ice damming only to see the them hack-sawing off 6” to apply to the eave just so they can pass the city code inspection.
    • Get paid for Drip Edge only to use 1” x 1” galvanized tinny stuff instead of 2” x 2” baked enamel to match the fascia color.
    • Get paid for new turtle vents and pipe-jack boots on the roof only to re-use the old ones.
    • Don’t “Ice & Water” around openings and don’t flash where needed.
    • Re-use old felt …carefully remove shingles while keeping the old felt (apparently an inspection of the decking wasn’t important)
    • “Sell” an upgraded shingle …but from a manufacturer who is constantly being sued for inferior products or won’t stand behind their warranty.
    • Workmanship warranties that aren’t worth the paper they are printed on.[/expand] to increase profit margins that result in reducing the value of what you and your insurance company are paying for?  Wouldn’t it be great if someone provided “oversight” services for you?
    • Think about it: Are your high standards and expectations their standards and expectations?  I’ve seen “good contractors” “cuts corners” …but not on my watch! …and not for my clients!
    • Our business is designed to find, secure and give you confidence in “resources” that won’t cut corners. We can help today!