December 3, 2023

Claims Handling

  • Your insurance policy ALWAYS places the burden of proof for both 1) determining damages and 2) determining the dollar amount to repair/replace those damages …ON YOU, the policyholder.  Why then do we routinely let the insurance company’s adjuster drive both 1) the damage assessment process and 2) determine the dollar amount to fix the damage?
    • Isn’t that kind of like allowing the 1) determination of damages and 2) the amount of damages …to be determined by the defendant’s attorney in a civil or criminal lawsuit?
    • To further the analogy, you do realize that when you file a claim, the insurance company is the “defendant” and you are the prosecutor?

At My Roof Reps, we help you know when to pull in [expand title=”resources” rel=”resources” trigclass=”drill”]

  • General Contractors …highly reputable, big name GC’s that can handle multiple trades;
  • Roofers …highly reputable, big name roofers who specialize in roof like yours and meet your needs;
  • Insurance Agents …who specialize in your type of business and have lots of premiums behind them to give you “clout” in the marketplace;
  • Certified Public Adjusters …with both fiduciary responsibility and a duty to you (yes, “fiduciary responsibility” and “duty” are legal terms you want working your favor …not against you);
    • One more time: Where does your Insurance Company’s adjuster’s fiduciary responsibility and duty lie? (You’re not really going to make me answer that are you?)
  • Independent Project Managers – While we find that “contractor oversight” services maintains high quality on typical exterior insurance restoration; If full-time Project Management is needed, we have the right resources that will fit your budget.[/expand] to zealously advocate for you and your interests in a claim if it is in your interests to even file a claim.