December 3, 2023

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Hail. Wind. Rain. Lightning.

All can be powerful forces of nature.

And just as quickly as they move into your neighborhood, they are gone. Leaving trails of damage for you to deal with over time. And while its mandatory that you clean up the fallen tree branch that’s blocking your driveway, other forms of damage may not be as noticeable at first glance.

At some point over the coming spring or summer months, you’ll probably get a knock on your door. A roofing adjuster is in the neighborhood performing the “good deed” of climbing up to the rooftops and checking for signs of damage. It’s at no cost to you. He’ll handle everything. And if he sees any signs of damage, he’ll work with your insurance company to assess the damage and possibly take action towards getting your roof replaced.

But is this “service” legitimate? Is it a good deal for you? Or should you beware?

Welcome to the new world of roof restoration. A lot has changed over the past decade, and if you haven’t kept up with the intricacies, you will likely be on the “losing” side of the business.

Here at My Roof Reps, our job is to protect you, the property owner, against giving away your rights to the insurance company.

Learn more about what we can do for you. We have special programs for both individual homeowners and for property managers. Then give us a call and schedule a free consultation to discuss your needs. Or have us get started today on Photojournaling your property. Either way, rest assured you’ll be fully protected the next time a hailstorm comes your way.